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Exciting things are happening

I have some big changes happening…… 
It's a perfect private studio in the east of Toronto (Queen & Sumach). It's going to be just me and my client for each session and I can't wait to start making amazing tattoos here.
The studio is located in an incredible loft that I share with my friend Stacy (who is an amazing creative). We call our space 508. 
There will be a few small changes in the way I work, I have decided to only tattoo one client a day. I want to focus on creating the absolute best tattoo experience for my clients and to be able to put my whole heart into every project.
Because of this I am changing my pricing ever so slightly. Tattoo sittings will cost from $600-$1200+taxes. The final price will depend on the time taken. Appointments will begin at 10am and my max working time will be 6 hours (so my rate hasn't actually changed at all, just the tier system).
All my clients will have location information in their appointment reminders so keep an eye out for that (check your junk folders!!!).
I just want to say a huge thank you to my Black Cloud Tattoo family who have been wonderful to me over the last 6 years. I will miss hanging out with them every day.
I'll be in touch soon with some new projects I'd love to tattoo!
Much love,
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