photo of Lu Loram-Martin, tattoo artist and illustrator, sat in front of a large wall mural of a tiger and flowersI'm a visual artist based in Toronto, Canada.

I’m known for my floral illustrations and tattoos. I work in many different mediums including ink, digital, woodblock and lino printing.

I have been tattooing for over 12 years, and work from my private studio in Toronto. I also travel for guest spots and conventions when I’m able. You can learn about my tattoo booking process here.

I take on an assortment of illustration projects, big and small. Including artwork commissions, wall murals and surface pattern design. You can find examples of these here. My previous clients include Snuff Candle Company, Oh Beehive!, Batstone Labs, and Studio on Bond.

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Contact me info@lulorammartin.com with any questions!

Tattoo FAQ

How do I see your flash and one-off tattoo designs?!

Sign up to my newsletter! I always post them there first

Where the studio is located?

In Corktown! At 90 Sumach Street, Toronto, M5A4R4

Can I get tattooed while fasting?

It's best not to. Getting tattooed takes a toll on the body and if you're fasting you're far more likely to go into shock. I always recommend eating well prior to getting tattooed and also eating snacks throughout a tattoo to keep your blood sugar levels up

Can I get tattooed while pregnant // breast feeding

No, due to the risk of infection and blood borne disease being passed to the baby. It's always better to just wait.

Should I use numbing cream for my tattoo?

I recommend not using numbing cream, Firstly it can change the surface of the skin ti a more 'rubbery' texture which is harder to tattoo. also it stops my freehand designs lasting very well, and finally it doesn't last very long (less time than they say), so by the time we've freehanded your design it's basically pointless. Your body is capable of getting though a tattoo session without numbing cream, trust it

What should I bring to my tattoo appointment?

Absolutely anything that will help make you more comfortable. I have plenty of space at the studio, so feel free to bring anything you like (I recommend cosy socks or slippers - we have concrete floors)