'Be brave' banner with a bold snake and fineline floral tattoo in the background on a woman's thigh

If you’ve landed on this page hopefully you are thinking of getting a tattoo! Thanks for considering me as your artist.

I create beautiful pieces of art that my clients wear, with pride, for a lifetime. 

My tattoo practice is focused on feminine floral tattoos that elevate the way you feel about your body, boost your self-confidence and make you feel bold, empowered and totally badass.

I work with you to create the tattoo you’ve always dreamed of, using my freehand skills to ensure your tattoo fits and flows with your body perfectly.

I only tattoo one client each day, from my peaceful, private studio in the east-end of Toronto, to ensure you have the most relaxing tattoo experience ever.

I will next be taking on new tattoo projects on 3rd August and I will be booking up Sept, Oct and Nov 2024.

If you would like to start a tattoo project with me just pop back here when my books open and use the link below to fill out a tattoo project request form. 

The link will close on Sunday 4th August at 5pm.

submit a tattoo request with lu loram martin, top large beautiful bold blackwork feminine flower tattoo specialist, based in toronto, canada, best

✦ Link will be open - 3rd to the 4th August ✦

I gradually go through all requests throughout the week after they have been submitted. If I’m able to take on your request I will email you with a booking link. If I’m not I will let you know.

I often get more requests than I am able to accommodate, but you can always submit again in the next round of booking.

I specialize in freehand floral tattoos, in blackwork only. I do take on select cover-ups and reworks, but it’s always best to email me in advance with a photo of what you’d like improved before submitting a request.


I tattoo one client per day and I charge by the piece. Contact me for an estimate.

My minimum charge is $600(+tax), and my max charge in one day is $1200(+tax)

Large projects are completed over multiple sittings.

I cannot guarantee the final price, time, or session amount needed to complete any tattoo. I can only give estimates. 

A non- refundable deposit of $200 is required for all tattoo appointments at the time of booking (transferable up to two times, provided 72 hours notice is given - same client only).


If you sign up for my newsletter you will get a handy reminder for when my books open! My newsletter also gives you a first look at any new designs I have available, first notice of any guest spots I’m doing, as well as the opportunity to grab any last minute cancellation spaces.


Thanks for reading! Contact me if you have any questions.

Tattoo FAQ

How do I see your flash and one-off tattoo designs?!

Sign up to my newsletter! I always post them there first

Where the studio is located?

In Corktown! At 90 Sumach Street, Toronto, M5A4R4

Can I get tattooed while fasting?

It's best not to. Getting tattooed takes a toll on the body and if you're fasting you're far more likely to go into shock. I always recommend eating well prior to getting tattooed and also eating snacks throughout a tattoo to keep your blood sugar levels up

Can I get tattooed while pregnant // breast feeding

No, due to the risk of infection and blood borne disease being passed to the baby. It's always better to just wait.

Should I use numbing cream for my tattoo?

I recommend not using numbing cream, Firstly it can change the surface of the skin ti a more 'rubbery' texture which is harder to tattoo. also it stops my freehand designs lasting very well, and finally it doesn't last very long (less time than they say), so by the time we've freehanded your design it's basically pointless. Your body is capable of getting though a tattoo session without numbing cream, trust it

What should I bring to my tattoo appointment?

Absolutely anything that will help make you more comfortable. I have plenty of space at the studio, so feel free to bring anything you like (I recommend cosy socks or slippers - we have concrete floors)