Cat and bubble tea digital illustration by female floral tattoo artist Lu Loram Martin, Toronto, Canada

June 2022 Roundup

Happy June! Can you believe that this month is already almost over? Me neither, time seriously flies.

I hope you're all getting a little more sunshine wherever you are, Toronto's been pretty decent weather wise (well except the massive, very strange storm we had a few weeks ago, that was some scary shit).

Anyway, moving right along…

Tattoo Tokens

Big news! I've finally added my first round of tattoo tokens to my store!

These grant non-exlusive permission to have the design tattooed by someone else, so for all those long distance friends out there, check em' out, there are 8 designs live right now...more on that later.

New Prints!

Shows a digital design illustrated by Lu Loram Martin, female floral tattoo artist from Toronto, Canada, of cats and bubble tea.

Many people requested that I turn my bubble tea cats into a voila! Order one here.

Summer Bookings: Filled!

Summer bookings are officially all filled up! A huge thank you to everyone that took the time to submit, there were so many amazing ideas! If you didn't get in this round, keep your eyes peeled for any cancellation spots that may become available in my newsletter!

Snuff Candles

I'm stoked to announce that Snuff Candles and I have a new set of limited hand-engraved jars available! Choose your jar and choose your scent!

Shows a candle jar with a design illustrated by Lu Loram Martin, female floral tattoo artist from Toronto, Canada.

Have you checked out the scents at Snuff yet? (My favorite is Stacey's mom). Grab one here.

Life Stuff...

I went to ikea and upgraded the hammock office, there's now a side table, a big fluffy cushion and a mustard blanket, it's heavenly.

In other news my oldest bestest friend Martin sent me a matcha set from David's Tea so now I can make my own matcha latte, what a sweetheart.

I've been listening to...

Post Malone  // Twelve Carrot Toothache 

Yes I love Post Malone, and I have his new album is on repeat right now. It makes my sad heart so happy. Someone needs to give Post a hug tho

Kendrick Lamar // Mr Morale & The Big Steppers

Yes I'm a heathen for listing this below PM but I've listened to it less, but it is a masterpiece

Dominic Fike // What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Forgot how much I love this album

I've been watching...


Much love to Jesse for organising the best day ever, we took a Black Cloud field trip to see the advance IMAX screening and there was a Q&A (and tequila) happy times.


This was a fun watch! 


Totally disturbing and 100% worth watching. It's about the FLDS cult, fucked up, TW - sexual assault inc minors



Here's some things I heard about recently…
-Picasso made ‘how-to draw’ books for his daughter
-My friend David Attenborough was awarded the Knight Grand Cross 
-I'm a bit late to this but the Dall-E mini image generator is bizarre. Have you played with it yet? Here's a twitter thread with some of the creations people have made.

If you want to check out the tattoos I've been working on, my instagram is best place to see the newest and latest! 

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As always, thank-you for being interested in what I do!



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