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Exciting news!! Tattoo tokens have now been added to the shop!

Buy a design made by me to get tattooed elsewhere. This could especially be useful for all the out-of-town/in a different city far away and can't travel folks!

With purchase you gain consent for non-exclusive use of the design as a tattoo, one time as it is. You will receive a digital copy of the design to take to the tattoo artist of your choice, plus a license stating permission for one time use as a tattoo.

There are a variety of floral designs to choose from, including this rose design: 

Shows a floral design by Lu Loram Martin, female floral tattoo artist from Toronto, Canada. A rose with black line details and shading.

Why would you buy this?

Because you want it tattooed and you're not an ass-hole looking to steal someone's art! Art is protected under copyright law, and using it without permission is stealing.

Check out more floral design options that are available here

If you like these designs and you want to check out the tattoos I've been working on, my instagram is the best place.

As always, thanks for your interest in my art! If you'd like to see more please consider signing up for my newsletter, you'll get a free floral phone wallpaper just for signing up!




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