tattoo interview with Jaya, who has a full leg tattoo, by lu loram martin, top large blackwork floral tattoo specialist, and illustrator, based in toronto, canada,

Tattoo Interview: Jaya!

Hi Jaya!

Thanks for taking part in this interview :)

So let’s start back at the beginning, from my records we finished your full leg tattoo in August of 2021, so it's been two years since it's been complete, but we started your project in December of 2018!! So you've actually been living with this tattoo for a long time! 

Here's how your tattoo looked at your final sitting(s), in photos and video for the readers...

full leg tattoo, floral and ornamental, by lu loram martin, top large blackwork floral tattoo specialist, and illustrator, based in toronto, canada, best

Let's start with the basics... was this your first tattoo or had you been tattooed before?

Jaya: I had lots of small tattoos before this piece but this was my biggest tattoo at the time!

What made you decide to get this particular tattoo? And were you intending for your project to be a full leg sleeve right from the start?

J: It had always been a dream to get a full leg sleeve and when I found your Instagram I knew I wanted it to be done by you. I had no solid idea of what I wanted just that I wanted your work on me 🙂

Do you remember how you felt the days before getting tattooed (for the first time), or the morning of?

J: I was so excited! Nervous of how it would look once the stencil was put on but mostly excited and anxious to have this crazy huge tattoo done!

What was the process of getting tattooed like for you?

J: It was painful but the studio at the time had a great vibe and everyone was hilarious so it went by quickly. (*we completed most of Jaya's tattoo at Black Cloud Tattoos, as far as I remember)

Did you find the experience painful, and was it as painful as you expected it to be?

J: There were definitely some places that I didn’t expect it to be as painful (the calf) and my shin was less painful that I anticipated!

I know you sat incredibly well for the day sittings we did, how did you find sitting for so long?

J: I didn’t mind it at all, since I was coming from Ottawa I already mentally prepared to sit for as long as I could so I could make less trips! I found the time went by really quickly and I wasn’t counting down the time until we were done. I was on a mission! 

Do you remember how you felt after getting tattooed?

J: I was exhausted but ecstatic to have this amazing work of art on me and each session after I was more excited to see how it was all coming together!

And how about the day after? What was it like having a brand new fresh tattoo?
J: The day after was cloud 9, spending all day every moment I could staring at how awesome it was turning out! 
Let’s chat a little more about life with your tattoo…
What is it like living with this tattoo? 

J: Amazing, every time I wear shorts or a dress after the long winter I remember how cool I am 

How were the reactions from people close to you?

J: I still get compliments to this day! Every time I go out with it visible! Everyone was amazed by it and I continue to share your ig handle with anyone who compliments it! 

In what ways has your tattoo changed your life, or sense of self?

J: I was insecure about my legs and I think that was why I originally wanted to get a leg sleeve, to this day it is my favourite part of my body and I never feel insecure wearing clothes that show off my leg! 
Let’s skip forward to today?
How do you feel about your tattoo right at this moment?

J: Couldn’t be more in love

Have you gotten anymore since this tattoo (or do you plan to?)
J: Yes and yes 

If you could give any advice to someone thinking about getting a tattoo what would you tell them?
J: Research your artist!!!!! If you want something specific or a specific style look for someone who does it well and you like the work they’ve done!!! You’ll get the best tattoo this way! 


Thank you so so much for taking the time to answer my questions Jaya (and get this amazing project with me). I'm forever grateful,


Thanks for reading, if you are interested in getting tattooed by me you can find all of my booking information here!

healed full leg tattoo, by lu loram martin, top large blackwork floral tattoo specialist, and illustrator, based in toronto, canada, best
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