September Round Up

September Round Up

Hello everyone,

I hope you're all having a splendid September! It's my absolute favourite month, I love the (slightly) colder temperatures and crisp mornings. Plus seeing the leaves changing colours is my absolute favourite thing about Toronto (yes I know it isn't the best place to see them change, but it still is my favourite).

I have a few things happen this month that I wanted to update you about...

On the blog 

There are two new posts up on the blog!

image shows a beautiful delicate black work rabbit tattoo with flowers, by by lu loram martin, top large bold blackwork floral tattoo specialist, and illustrator, based in toronto, canada, bestA lovely
Tattoo Interview with Anh, who has some really wonderful insights on how getting tattooed can make you feel more empowered.
Image showing beautiful blackwork sparrow tattoo on shoulder by by lu loram martin, top large bold blackwork floral tattoo specialist, and illustrator, based in toronto, canada, best




Annnd a post all about Travelling to get Tattooed! Sabrina (my lovely assistant) and I put together an ebook for all of my clients that are travelling to get tattooed by me, and I thought the info would be super useful to anyone considering travelling to get a tattoo.

In October I've got series of blog posts planned covering the entire tattoo process! From how to prepare before getting a tattoo, what to expect during a tattoo, and what it feels like after. They're shaping up lovely, are full of amazing tips and advice and I can't wait to share them with you, so keep an eye out!


I'll also be posting more on my Patreon in October! I will be branching out into content about running a creative business and being a tattoo artist, rather than the basic drawing tutorials I previously created (which still exist in the archive of course!). So it's going to be really useful to any junior tattoo artists or creative professionals out there. October's content will include:

  • A full explanation of a tattoo I've done, from concept, through the design and to execution, including everything I used to create the tattoo.
  • Helpful, actionable advice on how to run a creative business. 
  • Plus a behind the scenes look at my sketchbook.

All for just $5!

Sign up here to make sure you don't miss out!


I have some amazing custom projects coming up in October and I'm getting some new pieces together for winter bookings so keep an eye out for those!

I was lucky enough to start a bunch of large tattoo projects in September, so I'm saving those until they are complete, but here's all the pieces finished in September. ..

I'll be taking new winter custom tattoo projects on the 4th November! So pop that in your calandar, and check out my tattoo booking process here.

Other things I've been up to


I went to the Wolfgang Tilamn's exhibition at the AGO this month, which was super interesting and impactful. Whilst I was there I wandered through the Sarindar Dhaliwal exhibit, which I loooooved. It's definitely worth a visit.

Library Book sale

I had the BEST time at the big library sale at the Reference Library. Stacy and I got soooo many amazing art books for the studio, including these...

Mulitple art books laid on a fluffy rug, all purchased from the Toronto Reference Library book sale

I've been buying

I picked some vinyl! I got the 5 year anniversary release of Mac Miller's // Circles and also his Tiny Desk Concert on vinyl. Now I need a record player, lol. 

I've been reading

Rick Rubin's // The Creative Act: A Way of Being.

Here's a video of him and Kendrick Lamar video having a long conversations about creativity.

I've been watching

All the Mission Impossible movies, and honestly, they're not bad. I'm a big fan of the ridiculous masks, and not a big fan of all those heights.

Sex Education s.3, Aimee is my favourite (and Eric too, but Aimee most).

A Haunting in Venice, I'm loving the Poirot film series

I'm looking forward to

I have friends visiting in October and neither of them have been to Toronto before so I'm looking forward to showing them around!

Both the Kaws exhibit and the Keith Haring exhibit at the AGO

FROM SAMO©, TO SAMO© at the Culture Goods Gallery


Well, it wouldn't be a round up without some Malone content, would it.

She's still as glorious as ever...

Photos of Lu Loram-Martins cat, malone, a calico scottish fold

 TYSM for reading,


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