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Travelling for a tattoo!

So you've been researching the absolute best tattoo artist for your new tattoo, and you've made the big decision to travel to get the perfect piece?! That's amazing!!! That's always the best way to go about getting a tattoo (IMO).

Whether this is your first tattoo or just the first piece you are travelling for, there are a few things to consider before you book in.

The first thing to do is take a look at the place you'll be heading! You are travelling all that way, so why not make it into a trip and see the best of what the area has to offer? Or perhaps there is somewhere close by that you've always wanted to check out?

I have a tonne of clients who travel to me to get tattooed, and Toronto is such a great city to visit so they always have a great time here.

Now make a list of everything you want to see / do on your trip, and consider how you'd feel about doing these things with a fresh tattoo. Chances are it doesn't sound too fun, right? That's why I think it's best to organize your trip so that your tattoo appointment is at the end.

You should be treating a fresh tattoo with caution and care...we all want them to heal up perfectly and remain timelessly beautiful, right? This means not soaking your tattoo in water of any kind, keeping it clean, and keeping it out of the sun...(so much for that beach day and spa day you had planned!). All that to say that getting tattooed doesn't always mix well with vacation activities!

If you organize your trip so that your tattoo is at the end of your trip, you can enjoy all the fun adventures without worrying about healing until you are comfy back at home.

You will need a few items in order to properly prepare for and care for your new tattoo while you're visiting. A very basic packing list for a tattoo away includes the following:

  • Unscented soap to clean your tattoo
  • Unscented lotion to moisturize
  • Paper towels to pat dry after cleansing
  • Clean clothes to cover tattoo and to avoid sun exposure
  • Comfy clothes to wear during your tattoo session

I have this handy checklist (plus a tonne of extra info and suggestions) available in my Toronto Tattoo Travel Guide. Pop your email here and I'll send it right over to you!

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