August 2022 Roundup by floral tattoo artist Lu Loram Martin, in Toronto, Canada.

August 2022 Round Up

Morning everyone!

How's your August going so far? To be honest mines been pretty fucking amazing, buuuut I'm keeping the reason for that quiet for just now. I'm excited to share it with you all a little later though. 

Now I've teased you with that, here's a slightly less exciting update (still give it a read, there's some good things in there!)….
I've been making some process videos I hope you all like, and I'm planning on making some others about art and stuff.

Floral tattoo artist Lu Loram Martin's youtube videos.

If you have any suggestions for videos I should make let me know! And feel free to like and subscribe! Lolll.

I'm bad with timing...

The astute among you may have noticed that we've slipped past the 15th without the release of my new collection that I promised.
Well turns out I totally under estimated my timing, and now it will be released some time in the…
FALL! (I'll let you know the date when I'm absolutely certain)

In the meantime...

I've added a new floral print to my store!!
And labelled all of the products that will be taken off sale when the new collection launches, so if you want to grab something before it's gone now's your chance!
Updated e-book!
I also updated my Floral Sketchbook Vol. 1 with 5 fully finished designs with process steps! This e-book already had 70 pages of floral sketches, so it's quite the bumper pack now.

New update on Floral Sketchbook Vol 1 by floral tattoo artist Lu Loram Martin.


My client Tori graciously let me share the step by step process of how I created her design with my patrons this month.

Fox tattoo design process video by floral artist Lu Loram Martin.

There's both an explanantion with photos, and a timelapse video.
Plus, there will be another new video coming out shortly.

I made a new mural!

Black Cloud Tattoos asked me to make another mural in the washroom! So when you're in the studio next check it out!

Floral wall mural designed and illustrated by artist Lu Loram Martin, based in Toront, Canada.

 Life stuff...

I went on a lovely cabin trip with my friend Stacey.
We swam and paddle boarded, ate toasted marshmallows, and drank tequila. It was glorious.

More life stuff...

I'm back in the UK now! I know it seems like all I'm doing this year is taking breaks, but I'm making up for the last two years of lockdown, lol.
Plus all the weddings were delayed so I'll be attending those. Excited for this one, congrats Elliott and Siobhan!

Welcome to our wedding

I'll be back in mid September so there might not be another round up for a while!

I've been watching...

Uuuuuurgh sooooooo good!

Obviously watched the Post Malone doc. I mean, it's mostly tour footage...documentary is a bit of a stretch imo, but still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some things worth sharing...

If you want to see the my tattoos, check out my social media. Instagram is the best place to see the newest and latest.

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And as always, thanks for being interested in what I do!


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