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What NOT to do before you get tattooed

So you took the leap and you've got a tattoo booked? Congrats! Here are some useful tips on how to prepare for your upcoming appointment.

In my experience, before getting tattooed you definitely should NOT:

  1. Get your tan on! Sunburn is not your friend
  2. Party - alcohol thins your blood and getting tattooed hungover is the WOOORST
  3. Fast - yes I know intermittent fasting is good for you (so they say) but if you don’t eat before you get a tattoo you’ll end up unconscious and nobody wants that
  4. Use that fancy ass new lotion - nobody wants irratated skin before a tattoo
  5. Caffeinate - here’s the thing, if you always have a morning cup of joe and can’t function without it, that’s totally fine, but don’t hit the energy drinks or espresso. That extra caffeine is going to make you all jittery, and guess what’s not good when you’re getting tattooed….. If you’re tired just lean into it, come cozy and maybe you’ll suprise yourself and nap (it’s happened before)
  6. Worry about annoying your artist - have a question, or worried about your design? Shoot over an email, check in, I'd much rather my client let me know how they were feeling rather than save it until the day (or not at all) you should ALWAYS be able to talk to your artist


Getting a tattoo can be the best experience if you are appropriately prepared for it! A good artist will have your best interest in mind, and will strive to make your experience the best one possible. For instance, I personally like to send out an email a few months after an appointment to check in on how a client's tattoo is settling in. Keeping in touch with your artist can help alleviate any post tattoo healing anxieties or uncertainties you might have.


And there you have it! I'm confident that following these simple recommendations will get you off on the right start. Follow that up with the appropriate aftercare and you'll be golden my friend! 


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