What I can tattoo in a half day & a full day!

What I can tattoo in a half day & a full day!

Hello lovelies!

As we approach 2023 I'm getting ready to trial my new booking process. 

All new custom tattoo projects will be booked as either half day or full day sittings. And any large work will still be completed in multiple sittings.

Below are some examples of what I can fit into these sessions.

Keep in mind these are EXAMPLES. Many things can affect how long a tattoo will take, including size (all humans are different sizes), detail, and how a client is able to sit.








Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns! I'm happy to help.

To see more of my newest and latest tattoos check out my instagram! And to keep up with my booking processes and last minute cancellations, subscribe to my newsltter here!

Thanks for looking! Cheers everyone.


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