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June 2021 Roundup...

This is super belated, but here's a round up of my June! I sent out this newsletter a while back but forgot to update here.

So without further ado here's what I got up to last month...



I’m back tattooing! Wooooh! I’m so excited to be back at Black Cloud, 7 months is a loooooong time. Too long. I had a great first week back, and I’m fully booked for July & August now, but I'll be taking new project requests for the fall on 22nd August.


The Vault…

I opened The Vault! I really want to focus on developing specific aspects of my tattooing, so I’m going to be prioritising certain projects from now on. Here’s a quick run through of how it works....

  • I will post any new designs I want to do in The Vault
  • I will send out a newsletter to let everyone know a new design has been added
  • The person who ‘purchases’ (pays the deposit) on the design will get priority booking the next time my books open (one week before).
  • If the design hasn’t been claimed within a week, the design will be added to The Archive on my website, and posted on IG for others to claim.


This means that newsletter subscribers get first access to all my new designs.



I reduced my Patreon to $5 a month, and made a sketchbook tour video, which is quite embarrassing for me, but hopefully interesting to other people (you’ll get access to it for the rest of July if you sign up to my $5 tier).


Some art stuff..

I made a new wall mural at Black Cloud Tattoos!

I made played with marker on some cardboard I had hanging around, I want to make more things like this

I played around with some colour digital painting - not my usual thing, but was a good challenge (that's a painting I made of my niece below, she's three, insane and adorable).

stylized digital portrait of a little girl holding leaves

I've been reading…

Seth Rogan - Yearbook 

Worth it for the Nicholas Cage anecdotes alone

Dept. of Speculation - Jenny Offill

I listened to this as an audiobook, it's only 3hrs long. It’s described as a portrayal of a marriage, but I found it more like a deep dive into emotional turmoil. I really enjoyed the unusual narrative, it is fragmented and almost stream of consciousness, but not quite as self-involved as something like the beats, and the author treats the reader/listener as an intelligent being, which is nice

The Short Story of Art, a pocket guide 

Just a bite-size overview of art history, it's been my bedtime reading


I watched…

Inside - Bo Burhnam 

It's soooooooooooo good

The Night Before 

1988, starring Keanu Reeves and Lori Loughlin, looooool (at Lori not Keanu obviously, he is a sweetheart, she's not so much).
Spoilers..... Keanu accidentally gets high and sells his prom date into human trafficking - yes problematic as fuck, but it's also a great cheesy 80s movie, and what 80s coming of age movie isn't troubling at this point? Maybe Ferris Bueller, I guess? 

Criminal Minds

I’ve now watched almost 11 seasons of this so far this year, and they’re 24 episode series, lol, so that's a little worrying, buuuut Dr. Spencer Reed  

Mare of Eastown

Fucking great


I've been listening to…

Leon Bridges - Coming Home

Thanks for the recommendation Sabrina

Dave (ft Stormzy) - Clash 

This was literally just released on Friday, so not a June thing, but fuck it, it’s great

The Gaslight Anthem / Brian Fallon 

A road trip with @jesseinstagraham reminded me how much I love Gaslight



I only have Youtube videos for you this month, because that's how I've spent my time I guess…

  • My new favourite channel is Great Art Explained
  • Whales never cease to amaze me, seriously, the power
  • Any Community fans out there? Even if not you have to give props to this
  • If you're interested in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but don't want to read it, this video (and the pt.2) is pretty good.


Thank you for being interested in what I do!



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