Give Yourself Flowers - a new tattoo project!

Give Yourself Flowers - a new tattoo project!

What is a floral tattoo if not a celebration of you, your body and your self-worth?
Not convinced? Well let me tell you about a little exploration I've been on lately… Floriography, aka. the secret language of flowers!

In the Victorian era, when it was not ‘proper’ to just openly discuss certain things, women would send secret messages to each other with bouquets of flowers. But I don't mean they hide a written message amongst the flowers, but the flowers themselves would be the message. 
So you could send some flowers over to your friend to warn her about a sketchy guy, or an impending danger, or just tell her that she's the greatest and you want her in your life forever.
And how cool is that. 
One flower meaning that I have became a tiny bit obsessed with is the Tulip

In Victorian flower language tulips said ‘I declare my love for you'. Which is obviously a lovely thing to do for someone else. But I think is actually a more important thing to do for yourself.
So the idea that a person could get a tulip tattoo as a declaration of love for themselves is just something I have become obsessed with.
Because I couldn't stop thinking about how much I love this idea, I have decided to start a new personal tattoo project… the ‘Give Yourself Flowers' project!
This summer I want to launch this special project into action starting with some declarations of self-love, with tulip tattoos!

Throughout this blog post there are several different mock ups, but these are not ‘specific one-off designs' these are created purely to give you a taste of what your tattoo could be. Just inspiration. Your tattoo would be unique to you and your body. And can be any size and any placement. They would be all freehanded to flow perfectly with each persons body, serving as a constant reminder of how you (and your body) deserve love.
If you're the slightest bit interested in taking part in this project feel free to ask me any questions (you can reply to this email), or jump straight in a put yourself on the waitlist (I will begin booking summer appointments on the 20th May)…

Talk soon,

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