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Super simple step-by-step flower drawings for kids…

I was recently asked by a lovely teacher of aged 5-6 year olds for any suggestions for drawing flowers that she could use with her class.

So I put together these two super simple step by step guides for her….

step by step drawing of a very simple daisy flower design  by Lu Loram-Martin step by step drawing of a very simple cherry blossom flower design by Lu Loram-Martin


I was a little worried they might be too complicated for 5 year olds (I know nothing about 5 year olds) but she sent me a few of the children's drawings and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I love how different they all are, and she said all of the children were able to draw something that resembled a flower *insert cute crying face here*. I think Alfie's leaves might be my favourite thing ever.
















So I thought I'd post these just incase anyone out there wanted to try them with their little ones (or just try themselves)!

If you want to send over, or tag me in, any photos of flower drawings feel free!

Also if you are interested in learning how I draw flowers I make step by step guides similar to these, and video tutorials over on my PATREON.



Thank you for being interested in what I do!


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