Beautiful feminine floral peony tattoo by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada

April Tattoo Round Up

Ok, ok, so who noticed that I haven't written one of these since last September? Yeah, I'm shocked too. But let's not dwell on that too much, life is busy, and hard, and we do our best, so let's just focus on the present…. ish, I mean last month.
April was a pretty great tattoo month for me. After a really sad March and an extended trip back home to help with my dear Grandad's funeral. I got back to Toronto and jumped right back into work, because I'm never happier than when I'm making people beautiful floral tattoos (other than cuddles with Malone obvs - more on her later).
I inadvertently took a social media break since I went home, so I will be posting all of these tattoo projects in more detail on my IG, Tiktok and Pinterest over the next month. I'm thinking that I may stick to this schedule going forward, so my newsletter and blog will be the first place you'll see all of my tattoos, but we'll see.
But for now, here's a look into all of the beautiful tattoo projects I've been working on this past April… 


At the beginning of April I finished Laura’s incredible peony and acanthus leg piece. 
This design was in my last drop (subscribe to my newsletter for design drops) and Laura snapped it up. I’d already tattooed one of her sleeves so she was totally comfortable with jumping into another big piece. I’m so, so delighted with how it turned out, it was designed to be a bold, empowering tattoo that would flow perfectly, and the end results is even better than I hoped. I was also surprised that we managed to complete this in 2.5 sessions (Laura's a real champ). This is the last session, so much of what you can see is a couple months healed.
Beautiful feminine floral tattoo by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada


I also got to finish Kim’s Star Wars sleeve this month. This was such a fun project, and I love how we subtly combined the Star Wars imagery with my classic floral tattoos. She sits incredibly well and we got her full sleeve done in 3 sessions (she’s also tiny, and sits like a rock). 
This part is a few months healed, at this point, and I'll post more photos on my social media soon.
Beautiful feminine floral sleeve tattoo by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada


I'm super happy that I got to finish Rebecca’s beautiful hip tattoo this month. We started this back in September and only just managed to align our schedules to get the last of the details finished. 
The birds represent her grandparents, so we used this composition of the swallow (her Grandad) flying over and looking out for her Grandma (the hummingbird)  🖤. I love how meaningful this one is for her.
Beautiful feminine floral thigh tattoo with humming bird and swallow and peony, by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada


Another big floral tattoo project that I’m excited to have wrapped up this month is Kristina’s leg piece. Omg I love this piece so so much. This was another one from my last design drop and I am so so stoked that Kristina jumped right into this project. This took three sittings and Kristina sat like a gd champ (I realise there’s a theme with that but honestly all my clients are genuinely incredible sitters). 
I'll be posting more photos of this tattoo on my social media soon as it's hard to show in just one photo!
Beautiful feminine floral iris hip tattoo by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada


I also got to do this super badass cover up tattoo for Meg this month. She’s into super spooky dark stuff with a pretty twist, and we’ve already done her sleeve (which I forgot to take photos of 😢). 
She's no longer into colour work so it was time to say buhbye to some cherry blossoms on her ankle (more photos will be on my SM). The fineline lace detail in the stag beetle was all her idea, which I love.
Beautiful feminine floral tattoo cover up with stag beetle by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada


I also got to upgrade another tattoo for a friend of mine this month. We were planning on reworking more of her sleeve, but a little anxiety on both our parts ended in us deciding to pull things back for now and just rework this flower // mandala. 
She also wasn’t keen on the colour in this piece anymore so we did our best to tone down the yellow and I think it was a big success.
The aaaamazing skull piece is by @kooeetattoos
Flower colour to black work cover up tattooby floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada


I had a client // friend from the UK book in for 5 whole days of tattooing and blew my mind by sitting for all of them!
I honestly didn't think he actually would make it through. We managed to complete this sleeve and make a good dent in the other. He’s a big guy so he’s arms are huge.
I think the otter tattoo is my favourite 🥰
Beautiful male sleeve blackwork floral tattoo with octopus, ship and swallow birds,by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada
Beautiful patchwork male sleeve floral tattoo with fox, otter and peony by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada


Ian had a tattoo in memory of his grandfather, which he didn't love, but was very meaningful, so we wanted to upgrade the existing tattoo rather than cover it. 
He loves my floral tattoos, so we added gladioli, geranium and potato flowers which were all important flowers to his grandad, and I’m super happy with what we were able to achieve with reworking the lion. 
I like to think his Grandad would be happy. 
Beautiful male floral tattoo, with a lion coverup, gladioli, potato flowers and geranium, for his grandfather, by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada


This month really was about finishing up some big tattoo projects, as I also got to complete Crystal's sleeve! 
We did the sea urchin over 18months ago, and she decided to turn it into a full sleeve which I was soooo up for (obviously), and we completed this over the last few months
We added loons (which I’ve never gotten to tattoo before) a rams skull, loads of florals, plus space stuff! I love how it all came together. And Crystal sits like a boss. 
More photos on SM soon!
Beautiful feminine floral tattoo sleeve on larger woman, with sea urchin, by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada


Marie-Eve came all the way from BC for her first tattoo!
She wanted my classic florals, plus small representations for her children and husband (the truck, the mermaids tail and the skates). She sat incredibly for her first tattoo and we managed to do this all in one sitting. I’m so happy with how this turned out. 
She's a designer herself, so I had a lot of fun working back and forth with her on this meaningful tattoo design.
Beautiful feminine floral tattoo by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada


It was also time for a tattoo upgrade for Claudia, who came down from Prince Edward County to get her first tattoo covered up (as well as another tattoo we did the next day, but that was technically in May, so you'll have to wait til next time to see that one).
The original tattoo included the initials of her Mum, Dad and brother so we included those into the new piece.
We did this freehand and I remembered to record some of the design process, so keep an eye out on SM for that!
Beautiful feminine floral cover up tattoo, before and after, by floral tattoo artist, Lu Loram-Martin, in Toronto, Canada
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