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April 2021 Roundup

Hiya everyone,

Here's a quick round up of my April! The lockdown in Ontario has been extended, so still no tattoo related news, but I'm not going to dwell on that, and just focus on the good things that happened…

I was involved in my first collaboration!!!

I collaborated with Snuff Candle Company to create 15 unique hand engraved candles!!! I was over the moon that Andrea wanted me to take part in this project, and to work with a fellow Ontario small business. There are just a handful of these candles left now, and you can grab one from Snuff Candle Company. Once you've burned through the candle you can clean out and keep the jar (I use mine as a pen pot). 

*quick tip here - pop it into the freezer to make removing the wax easy! 


I've been teaching over on Patreon…

As usual, I've been busy with my Patreon tutorial videos. This month covered drawing Anemones, and then Lily of the Valley, and then combining them into the full design you can see below. I also gave away my ‘Dotty’ procreate brush as a little bonus this month. This months first video will be posted today and covers Chrysanthemums!


I designed a sticker…

I partnered with Oh Beehive, to create them a super cute sticker design! We also have another projects in the works, which I'm super excited about.


Permanent Residency!

My partner and I finally had our Permanent Residency approved! If any of you have chatted to me before you probably know that we've been waiting a ridiculously long time for this to come through. It was a strangely underwhelming event in the end though, but we did get bubble teas to celebrate (as if that isn't a regular thing for us to do, lol).


Slippers & Jigsaws…

I also had my second birthday in lockdown! Which was obviously a very low-key affair. But my Mum sent me over some slippers and jigsaws that I'm super stoked about. And we watched some bestworst (yes that's one word not a typo) Nicholas Cage and Tom Cruise movies (Jiu jitsu, Next & Cocktail). They're all awful.


I've been reading…

Art as Therapy -  Alain de Botton & John Armstrong

A thought provoking (and quite lovely) take on art and it's potential

Side walk flowers - Jon Arno Lawson & Illustrated by Sydney Smith

A simple, beautiful illustrated story of a little human in Toronto


I watched…

Ways of Seeing - John Berger 

This is a 1970s mini-series on art theory that you can find on Youtube (there's 4 parts). There is also a book. Apparently this is something that a lot of highschool kids (and art students) are required to watch, but I hadn't seen it until now.

Love & Monsters

Boy & Minnow have my heart

Selling sunset

Looooooooooooooooooooool … escapism at it's finest … binged all three seasons in 3 days


I've been listening to…

Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 

This is just great


Quick links….

  • Has anyone else been feeling like they have less time in lockdown? This NY times article about time perception during lockdown made me feel a little less crazy.
  • I joined Gaby Niko (aka @doodle_traffic) on Patreon. Who's making an incredible amount of drawing tutorial content for next to nothing per month.
  • I liked this recent episode of Creative Pep Talk with Austin Kleon (also on Spotify, Apple podcasts etc).
  • And this older episode of The Guilty Feminist with Phoebe Waller Bridge discussing sexuality and masturbation (so if that's not your cup of tea, ya know, don't listen). Phoebe joins in around the 30min mark if you don't have a whole hour to spare. 
  • I enjoyed Matt James tour of his studio. Now I want to build my own mega desk, but I imagine mine will be more like this.
  • I found these free procreate brushes by Mango Manko.
  • I've been updating my blog with my previous newsletters, so if you wanted to check any of them out they're all in one place!
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