8 simple ways to help Artists and Small businesses during lockdown!

8 simple ways to help Artists and Small businesses during lockdown!


The first one we all know by now, but is worth a reminder .....Share, save, comment on and like any/all of their IG posts (or any other social media platforms). Preferably in that order! Apparently the algorithm is highly influenced by saves at the moment, and sharing a post in your stories is always a huge help.


See if you can leave them a review. Check google, or see if their website or store has a review option. It doesn’t have to be long, if you like their art, or blog, or website, write about that!

You can leave me a google review HERE if you fancy it 


Buy as directly from them as possible!!! Look for their website or use the links they post on their social media to purchase from them. If you see them on Inprint, Etsy or Society6, take two minutes to check if they also sell through their own website. They will make a larger profit that way. Buying from a third party (website or physical store) may be the only option, but check first.


Visit their website, and click on each page! This ones easy one to do when you’re waiting in line! It will help with their google search listing and websites with more traffic have more chance of monetising!!!


See if they have a Patreon you can support. Some may have a very low ‘tip’ tier for people that just want to show their support. I have a $3.25 tier, which gets you a phone wallpaper every month as well as my undying gratitude ...you can check put my Patreon HERE.


Check to see if they have a blog, podcast or Youtube channel. Read, watch, listen and recommend (and let the adverts play through on Youtube!).


Use their affiliate links! They do not cost you anything. If you are going to buy something recommended by an artist (art supplies, books, subscriptions to online services like skillshare etc), see if they have a link to the product, and buy it through that. It will, most likely, be an affiliate link and the artist will get a small cut of whatever you buy through that specific link.

Try looking through their newsletters, IG highlights or youtube video descriptions for links.


Last one, but one that’s easy to overlook..... Tell your friends about them!


Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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