Desire Tattoo


This post is rather late sorry!

I returned to Nanaimo for a week long guest spot at the beginning of October. It was a super fun week, filled with lovely clients!

Here is what I got up to….there is a cover up in there, and also a piece that I worked around that was done by Felix Addison (I just added the flowers)…





I tattooed this piece for Megan at The Ink Spot in Ottawa back in Novemeber. It was based of a drawing her friend did. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown since then! I have been taking some time off lately. I’ve been in Montreal loving being a tourist. But I’m absolutely itching to get back to work now!!! I have a feeling 2017 is going to be incredible….



I tattooed Michaela during my guest spot in Ottawa….I loved doing it but, unfortunately, all the photos I took were really glarey!! I know some clients wonder why I don’t post photos of their tattoos….and the reason is always my awful photography skills. If anybody out there wants to give me any tips I’d really appreciate it!!!