Well I have been terrible for posting on here!!! So sorry everybody….I’m trying honest! RThe only good thing about my lack of posting is that I have lots to post now! (But if you didn’t want to wait to see….they’re already on my instragram @lu_lorammartin ….but shhhhh it’s a secret).

I did this sweet little tattoo for Kayla whilst guesting at The Ink Spot in Ottawa. I had such a. Great time working there and was worked alongside some incredible talented artists. They all made me feel so welcome…like a home away from home. Much love to Shawn, Kaylie, Nate, Sabrina, Cynthia, Pierre, Roxxie and Dan….

Kayla’s mehndi style cat tattoo has similar markings to one of her two cats….super cute!



I loved designing and tattooing Sarah’s sleeve back in the UK…she gave me loads of freedom to do almost whatever I wanted within the realms of the Egyptian Gods, which was just amazing. She is a genuinely lovely person and I really enjoyed the time we spent together…hopefully I will get to tattoo her again some day…