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Field Mouse

Field Mouse

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Welcome to The Vault. <br> <br>


Please read this carefully before purchasing! <br> <br>


You are paying for a DEPOSIT for this tattoo.<br>

You must be 18+ <br> <br>


You will pay the remainder of the cost of the tattoo on the day.  The full cost of the tattoo will depend on final size and placement. <br> <br>


The time needed is estimated below, but are not guaranteed. If the tattoo ends up bigger than anticipated the price will increase in kind. <br> <br>

The placements are suggestions!

 <br> <br>

This is a one-off design, once it is sold it will not be available again. <br> <br>


Approx cost: <br>

Minimum Size: <br>

Ideal placement: <br> <br>


Purchasing a design from The Vault gives you priority booking for this tattoo when I am NEXT taking bookings. Check this LINK for my booking process. <br> <br>


Please ignore the automated email you will receive after purchase. I haven’t figured out how to change that at the moment. <br> <br>

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