Rabbit & Fleurs


Welcome to The Vault.

Please read this carefully before purchasing!

I want to do the rabbit in a slightly more sketchy style than my usual work (as shown in the drawing)

You are paying for a DEPOSIT for this tattoo.
You must be 18+

You will pay the remainder of the cost of the tattoo on the day. The full cost of the tattoo will depend on final size and placement.

The prices for the minimum size are estimated below, but are not guaranteed prices. I’m happy to make these designs bigger, but not smaller. If the tattoo ends up bigger than anticipated the price will increase in kind.

This is a one-off design, once it is sold it will not be available again.

Approx cost: $500-600
Minimum Size: 7 x 5”
Ideal placement: Forearm // Calf

Purchasing a design from The Vault gives you priority booking for this tattoo when I am NEXT taking bookings. Right now that will be when Toronto enters stage 2 of lockdown. I will not be booking anyone until I know for sure we are reopening. I will be in touch via email with more details.

Please ignore the automated email you will receive after purchase. I haven’t figured out how to change that at the moment.

Out of stock

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