Healed Tattoos


I absolutely love seeing the tattoos I have done healed. I believe it is important to be able to show clients how my work heals and what they can expect from the tattoos I do….



Annie sent me this wonderful photo of her succulent tattoo in it’s natural habitat. That’s a quotes from her! It cracked me up when I read that…

This photo was taken when her tattoo was not quite healed, but I couldn’t resist adding it in!




Gary and Jonathan are two lovely guys that I tattooed at Black Cloud Tattoos in Toronto, who turned out to be cousins. They both travelled to Toronto to get a couple of tattoos by me each, so I was able to grab some healed photos of the first tattoos I did for them. They also sat like rocks. Jonathan even had a nap!



I tattooed this tree on Melissa back in November at my first guest spot at The Ink Spot in Ottawa. She sent me this photo of it fully healed a few weeks later. I was her first tattoo. I love being trusted to do first tattoos.

I did this scenery tattoo for Nick at the Ottawa-Gatineau convention, which I attended just before my guest spot at the Ink Spot. I always take terrible photos at convetnions, so I was delighted when Nick sent my this photo a little while after.



Both of these are fully healed and were tattooed at Spike at the Art in Plymouth, UK, last year.

Jo had the lace heart elbow tattoo. I have had the pleasure of tattooing her several times and she is an absolute champ!

Austen had the crow tattoo. I had a great time tattooing him, we had a great chat and a mutual love of The National…



I tattooed Danielle and Isabella at Black Cloud Tattoos in Toronto earlier this year. They sent me these wonderful healed photos the other day! Thanks ladies!

This is a great example of how similar tattoos can look with different skin tones!



Mary sent me these beautiful photos of her with her healed shoulder tattoo. I managed to fit her in during my time in Toronto, so that her tattoo would be fully healed for her wedding. She was such a lovely person to tattoo and it was a joy to see her so happy on her wedding day.



So, full discloure, Stacey sent me these photos a few days after I finished her sleeve in early July. So it’s not fully healed…but it is settling in at this stage. My line work and dotwork pieces tend to heal fairly quickly with minimal scabbing, as you can see…



This piece was done during my guest spot at Rainfire Tattoo in Vancouver. I’m a terrible photogropher and the photos I took on the day were awful so I was so happy when Wynn sent me this healed photo…




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