I wanted to share some of the incredible gifts my clients have so thoughtfully given me. I never expect gifts and I’m incredibly grateful to anyone that takes the time to do something so generous.

I have been gifted many things over the years, and I wish I had photos of every single one to post, but I don’t. So I’m sorry if your gift isn’t here. It doesn’t mean I love it any less…



The stone was given to me by my lovely long-term client/friend Terri just before I left Plymouth. It keeps me safe when I’m travelling. It lives in my backpack that I take everywhere with me.

The beautiful hamsa necklace was given to me by Sarah. She let me tattoo an entire Egyptian sleeve and backpiece on her, and is an absolute star. I hope I get to tattoo her again one day!



Dobby was made for me by Abby who I tattooed at Rainfire Tattoo in Vancouver. He is the cutest Dobby I’ve ever seen…just look at his sock! And the gift bag even had a Sirius Black quote! So much love…




The muggle mug was given to me by a lovely long-term client of mine; Teresa. She gave me this just before I left Plymouth! She’s a wonderful person that I feel so proud to have tattooed so many times…

The money pot and the leaf insect were both given to me by Courtney, who I have tattooed several times now in Ottawa and Toronto. She also gave me a beautiful butterfly the last time I tattooed her. She is wonderful.

The collection of Harry Potter gifts were from Berna and Zam, a wonderful couple who I have had the pleasure of tattooing several times in Toronto. They get the sweetest blackwork tattoos. I love tattooing those two.



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