Who are you?

Hi! I’m Lu. I am a female tattoo artist and illustrator and general art maker. I’m from the UK, but live in Toronto, Canada.


Where do you work?

I am based out of Toronto! It's a great city, you should come and visit

fineline heart illustration



Are you available for illustration or commission projects?

It depends on my current volume of work, but in general yes! Feel free to contact me with what you have in mind.

Will you make me a wall mural?

Absolutely!!! Shoot me an email

Can I use your artwork....  on my wall / for my grandmothers birthday card / for a tattoo / as my IG profile pic....???
Not unless you are paying me for it!
Check out my tattoo tokens if you want one of my tattoos but can't travel to me!

How do TATTOO TOKENS work?

I have a number of tattoo designs that are avalialbe to be tattooed by another artist with the purchase of a tattoo token. You can find them here.

You will receive a digital copy of the design to take to the tattoo artist of your choice, plus a license stating permission for one time use as a tattoo

They are NON-EXCLUSIVE meaning other people may have the same design, and I may use the artwork in anyway I wish


Why would I buy this?

Because you want it tattooed and you’re not an asshole, and you don’t want stolen artwork on your body, right?

Legally art is protected under copyright laws and using it without permission is stealing.


Can I book a tattoo with you?

Yes.... I tattoo all human bodies and all skin types....my booking procedure is explained here.


What do you like to tattoo?

I love feminine floral, botanical and ornamental tattoos. I also love tattooing animals and anything a little different. All of the work I do is unique and I’m happy to take on custom work that suits my style. I am currently only taking on black work pieces.

You can check out my portfolio here

Why can’t I get an appointment?

Unfortunately I am not able to book in every person that requests a booking, I get more request than I have appointments! I do give priority to projects that I am excited for, ongoing work, and my collection designs.


Can I be added to your cancellation list?

I currently don't keep a cancellation list. Whenever I get a cancellation I send out a tattoo newsletter first. If it doesn't get filled via the newsletter. I will then post on IG. So sign up and keep an eye out!

How do I see your flash and one-off designs?!

Sign up to my newsletter!

How do your charity tattoos work?

Every tattoo newsletter that I send out has a few small designs available for a charity donation. It’s a win win scenario! Just sign up for my newsletter for more information!


Guest spots?

I like to guest spot in other locations as much as I’m able. I always announce my guest spots via my tattoo newsletter before I post them on instagram.

Flash Days?

I do occasionally do flash days, where I have smaller pieces available. I also announce these via my (no surprises here) tattoo newsletter and instagram.

Will you design my tattoo for me?

If I have the time I do take on tattoo design commissions for people that can’t travel to get tattooed by me. Pricing starts at $250+taxes (CAD). You will receive a finished design, an outline version, and a license for using the image as a tattoo for a single time.


Can I use your art for a tattoo by another artist?

Not unless you are paying me for it!!!!!!! (see above)

Will you tattoo another artists work?

Not without express permission of the original artist.

Art/prints/other stuff?

I sell prints (and occasionally other things) on my online store. What I have for sale varies and is usually limited!

Where else can I find you?

All the places..

Patreon - this is where I post drawing tutorials

Instagram - Tattoo stuff: @lu_lorammartin_tattoos 

Instagram - Illustration stuff: @lu_lorammartin_draws

(but I don’t check my DMs regularly, so if you have a question email me!)
Pinterest @LuLoramMartin
Twitter @LuLoramMartin


Or use my contact form (link)


I didn’t get a response from my email!?!

Email me again!! Keep in mind it can take me a while to reply. I try to reply to anything urgent the same day, and non-urgent emails once a week. If I feel that my auto-response has covered your query you won’t get a response from me, so make sure you give that a read, and let me know if it doesn’t!!

Also, due to the volume of emails I get, I only reply to booking requests when submitted via the process explained here.


I take a $200 non-refundable deposit for every booking. This must be paid when you make your booking via credit, debit or paypal. You are able to rearrange your appointment if 72 hours notice is given (up to two times). You will not be able to transfer your deposit to another person. If you significantly change your design idea after I have started drawing your design your deposit will be forfeited.

Under 18?

I do not tattoo anybody under the age of 18, even with parental consent.

Running a small business is difficult, how can I help you out?

Oh thank you so much for asking, following, sharing, commenting and liking on social media is always a biiiig help for artists. As is leaving me a Google review!