Who are you?

I am Lu. I am a female tattoo artist! I’m from the UK, but live in Canada


Where do you work?

I am based in Toronto, Canada


What do you like to tattoo?

I love feminine floral, botanical and ornamental tattoos. I also love tattooing animals and anything a little different. All of the work I do is unique and I am happy to take on custom work that suits my style. I am currently only taking on black work pieces


What is your booking procedure?

My books are only open for short periods of time, and I normally only book a month or two in advance. After many years I have found that this method of booking works best for my sanity!

I announce when, and for how long, my books are open on instagram and via my newsletter, which you can sign up for at the bottom of this page. You should get an email immediately after signing up, if you don’t check your junk folder!

My newsletter contains all of the information I need from you in order to book you in, and it is also listed HERE. Please take your time to make sure you provide all of the information needed. I do not book people in on a first come first served basis, as long as you send in your request within the time period stated you will get a response


Why can’t I get an appointment?

Unfortunately I am not able to book in every person that requests a booking, I get more requests than I have appointments! I do give priority to projects that I am excited for, ongoing work, and my one-off design


How do I see your one-off designs!

Sign up to my NEWSLETTER!


Guest spots?

I like to guest spot as much as I’m able to. Check out this link HERE for more information on what I have lined up


Art/prints/other stuff?

I sell prints and t-shirts (and occasionally other things) on my ONLINE STORE. What I have for sale varies and is usually limited!


Do you take commissions for artwork?

I do take on illustration projects, you can find more info about that HERE



Yup I have two....

@lu_lorammartin_tattoos - tattoos

@bringxflowers - illustrations

(but I don’t check my DMs so if you have a question email me)




Or use my contact form by clicking HERE


I didn’t get a response from my email!?!

Email me again!! Keep in mind it can take me a while to reply. I try to reply to anything urgent the same day, and everything else once a week. If I feel that my auto-response has covered your query you won’t get a response from me, but let me know if it doesn’t!!

If your email was a booking request it can sometimes take a little longer for me to reply. It is a bit of a process, please be patient

Also, due to the volume of emails I get, I only reply to booking requests made when my books are open! Sorry



I take a $100 non-refundable deposit for every booking. If you need to rearrange your appointment you are able to transfer your deposit to another date if 48 hours notice is given. You are not able to transfer your deposit to another person. If you significantly change your design idea after I have begun drawing your deposit will be forfeited



Here's a link to my aftercare advice...


Make sure you are looking at the correct bandage type!!! If you are unsure contact me HERE


Under 18?

I’m sorry but I do not tattoo anybody under the age of 18, even with parental consent