If you’ve landed on this page hopefully you are thinking of getting some work by me!

To save us both some time and effort I've put together a boatload of information about my booking process...

Due to the amount of requests I have for illustration and mural projects, I currently book tattoo projects just two to three months in advance.

Tattoo Appointments

I book tattoo appointments in 2 stages… 

1.  Priority booking

Clients with ongoing projects are able to book in advance, at the beginning of every month for the following month. If you think you should be on this list contact me.

2. New projects

I keep a waitlist for all new projects.

This waitlist will open on..

Friday 26th April at 10am

Until Saturday 27th April 2024 at 10pm

I will begin working through the waitlist on Sunday 28th April. It will take me a long time to work through my waitlist, so please be patient. Make sure my emails are not going into your spam folder!

This link will open on the date above...

custom tattoo waitlist for by lu loram martin, large blackwork floral tattoo specialist, and illustrator, based in toronto, canada


I have a newsletter where I send out flash and one-off designs. I also use it to fill any cancellation and guest spot appointments. It's also a handy reminder for when my books open!

You can sign up here….

newsletter sign up for lu loram martin, large blackwork floral tattoo specialist, and illustrator, based in toronto, canada


  • Each sitting: $600 -1200 (+taxes) 
  • I only tattoo one client a day 
  • Large projects will be completed over multiple sittings, and you will be added to the priority list until your project is complete. 

I cannot guarantee the final price, time, or session amount needed to complete any tattoo. I can only give estimates.

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required for all tattoo appointments at the time of booking (transferable up to two times, provided 72 hours notice is given - same client only).

If you change your tattoo design idea before your appointment it will be need to be reviewed! If you change your design idea with less than 7 days notice, or after I have begun any design work or research, your deposit will be forfeited. 

Other info

All tattoos must be in my style, no colour, no hands, necks, faces or coverups without prior approval (contact me).

If you are travelling to get tattooed by me I recommend that you take out travel insurance to protect yourself. If any unforeseen emergencies occur and we need to rearrange your appointment I cannot reimburse the cost of flights/hotels etc.

Thanks for reading! Contact me if you have any Qs!