Lu Loram-martin drawing with puffer fish and floral illustrations

Hi, I’m Lu. I make things.

I like the feeling of creating something that didn’t exist before. It’s a good feeling, everyone should try it.

I’m known for my floral illustrations and tattoos. I work with many different mediums, but I’m rather partial to ink and paper, and I’ve become quite fond of digital art.

I make tattoos, murals, woodblock and lino prints, illustrations, wedding invitations, business card designs, and the occasional painting.

I also have a Patreon with floral drawing tutorials, for people that like to learn.

I began tattooing over 10 years ago in Plymouth, England, and haven’t stopped since. I scarpered from the UK 2016, heading to Canada, and now live in Toronto. I spend my time at Black Cloud Tattoos. It’s a beautiful space filled with great people. I also travel for guest spots and conventions when I’m able.

Outside of making things that didn’t exist before, my interests include:

  • bubble tea
  • books that feel like they have been loved
  • libraries
  • love stories
  • thunderstorms
  • those moments when it’s so quiet it feels like the world may have stopped turning