This week…

Hey all,

I have been enjoying some downtime since I finished my guest spot at Rainfire Tattoo in Vancouver on 18th July.



I don’t do particularly well not being busy, so I have started a mini-project to keep me on track. Basically I am leaving some original drawings around the city for people to take for free. I post the locations on my instagram story. It’s been fun, but for the last week I have been a bit slack, as I’ve had family visiting from the UK, so I’ll be back to it from today!




I also made this gift for the wonderful humans at Rainfire Tattoo. Katia, Faye, Volante, Felix and Ashley were all terribly kind to me, and I had a great time working alongside them…

Lu loram-martin, hand, illustration, peony



Another little project I’ve been working on is my logo. I posted these options on Instagram….the top left was the most popular….keep your eyes peeled for a lovely side-project that I’m going to do with this!

Illustration, reed, rye ,lu loram-martin



 Finally, I have been sent some wonderful photos of my tattoos fully healed. I love seeing my work healed!

If you have a tattoo by me feel free to email me a photo at



That’s all for now!

Much love,


Website under construction

So, you may have noticed that my website has changed a litte bit. If not check out my home page!

As I am currently adding content and improving the rest of my site my blog is going to be slightly different from now on.

I will still be updating, but this will most likely happen only once or twice a week with a longer post each time, and the content on my site will be regularly updated as well!

If you have any suggestions for my site please let me know! I’d really apprectiate it…

All the best, Lu


Well I have been terrible for posting on here!!! So sorry everybody….I’m trying honest! RThe only good thing about my lack of posting is that I have lots to post now! (But if you didn’t want to wait to see….they’re already on my instragram @lu_lorammartin ….but shhhhh it’s a secret).

I did this sweet little tattoo for Kayla whilst guesting at The Ink Spot in Ottawa. I had such a. Great time working there and was worked alongside some incredible talented artists. They all made me feel so welcome…like a home away from home. Much love to Shawn, Kaylie, Nate, Sabrina, Cynthia, Pierre, Roxxie and Dan….

Kayla’s mehndi style cat tattoo has similar markings to one of her two cats….super cute!



I had the pleasure of tattooing Kelly during my guest spot at Black Cloud Tattoos in Toronto. She had taken the brave step of following her passion and becoming a full-time freelance make-up artist, and wanted to celebrate with a tattoo. The concept for the design came from Kelly and I put her ideas together to create a beautiful, meaningful, unique tattoo…


The last tattoo I did at my guest spot at Black Cloud Tattoos in Toronto was this unalome for Diana. I had tattooed Diana’s sister earlier that week with a beautiful peacock (which I will post later) and she contacted me asking if I could design a tattoo to represent her relationship with her sister. I had aready extended my guest spot at that point, but I couldn’t turn this down after I heard their story. Now their story isn’t mine to tell, but trust me when I say their relationship is incredible special and worth celebrating. I love being asked to create such meaningful tattoos, especially when they are as subtle and delicate as this one…


A lovely little elephant I designed for Aira during my guest spot at Black Cloud Tattoos in Toronto. I love designing and tattooing patterned elephants….or any animals really. All of the work I do is custom in case you were wondering…

I’ll be working in Ottawa in November…for all inquires feel free to shoot me an email…or if you have any questions just leave a comment!