Desire Tattoo


This post is rather late sorry!

I returned to Nanaimo for a week long guest spot at the beginning of October. It was a super fun week, filled with lovely clients!

Here is what I got up to….there is a cover up in there, and also a piece that I worked around that was done by Felix Addison (I just added the flowers)…




Charity Tattoo

I tattooed three of my charity tattoos during my guest spot in Nanaimo!

All of the money I made from these tattoos was donated equally to the Canadian Red Cross and Surf’s Up for Autism!

Thanks so much Sara, Jenn and Zahailey!!!

I will still be offering this design for $80 for all future guest spots with all of the profits going to charity!


Desire Ink


I am curently half way through my guest spot at Desire Ink in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

I have had a fantastic first week. Des, Cara and Jenny are all really lovely humans and have made me feel right at home. The studio is perfect and air-con is a godsend given the gorgous weather!

I have had some really fun projects this week…here have a look…



And there will be more to come!



Also this place is absolutely stunning!

I have been so lucky to stay with Des as she has taken me to some amazing spots!

This is Nanoose Bay… we swam here last night…



Much Love




This week…

Hey all,

I have been enjoying some downtime since I finished my guest spot at Rainfire Tattoo in Vancouver on 18th July.



I don’t do particularly well not being busy, so I have started a mini-project to keep me on track. Basically I am leaving some original drawings around the city for people to take for free. I post the locations on my instagram story. It’s been fun, but for the last week I have been a bit slack, as I’ve had family visiting from the UK, so I’ll be back to it from today!




I also made this gift for the wonderful humans at Rainfire Tattoo. Katia, Faye, Volante, Felix and Ashley were all terribly kind to me, and I had a great time working alongside them…

Lu loram-martin, hand, illustration, peony



Another little project I’ve been working on is my logo. I posted these options on Instagram….the top left was the most popular….keep your eyes peeled for a lovely side-project that I’m going to do with this!

Illustration, reed, rye ,lu loram-martin



 Finally, I have been sent some wonderful photos of my tattoos fully healed. I love seeing my work healed!

If you have a tattoo by me feel free to email me a photo at



That’s all for now!

Much love,


Website under construction

So, you may have noticed that my website has changed a litte bit. If not check out my home page!

As I am currently adding content and improving the rest of my site my blog is going to be slightly different from now on.

I will still be updating, but this will most likely happen only once or twice a week with a longer post each time, and the content on my site will be regularly updated as well!

If you have any suggestions for my site please let me know! I’d really apprectiate it…

All the best, Lu


Stacey is bloody lovely and flew all the way from Toronto to get tattooed by me at Rainfire Tattoo in Vancouver…

And then I took terrible photos of her tattoo!!!

Luckily she’s an amazing photographer and sent me these beauties a few days later!

The mandala in he ditch and the peony next to it are fully healed from a few months back, and the work on her forearm is by the wonderful Lindsay April Tattoos!