This week…

Hey all,

I have been enjoying some downtime since I finished my guest spot at Rainfire Tattoo in Vancouver on 18th July.



I don’t do particularly well not being busy, so I have started a mini-project to keep me on track. Basically I am leaving some original drawings around the city for people to take for free. I post the locations on my instagram story. It’s been fun, but for the last week I have been a bit slack, as I’ve had family visiting from the UK, so I’ll be back to it from today!




I also made this gift for the wonderful humans at Rainfire Tattoo. Katia, Faye, Volante, Felix and Ashley were all terribly kind to me, and I had a great time working alongside them…

Lu loram-martin, hand, illustration, peony



Another little project I’ve been working on is my logo. I posted these options on Instagram….the top left was the most popular….keep your eyes peeled for a lovely side-project that I’m going to do with this!

Illustration, reed, rye ,lu loram-martin



 Finally, I have been sent some wonderful photos of my tattoos fully healed. I love seeing my work healed!

If you have a tattoo by me feel free to email me a photo at



That’s all for now!

Much love,


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